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Hey Guys, again back with another new game just like Grand Theft Auto V. But it’s not officially made. Its come with same awesome graphics and map where the game started with Trevor. It currently is under development and the developer says that he will continue this project and the developer is R-User Games. You can check out his YouTube channel to show some support.

The developer has already made the GLS IV which similar to Grand Theft Auto IV. You can check out the game on our website but the GLS IV project has been stopped. He officially announced he will not more continue the project.

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You can get the GLS V Beta version. It is freely available to download and it has newly added phone which you can customize the phone color through the phone setting and also there’s a new cheat code feature was added.

You can support the developer to continue this project by promoting this or just by donating him. He’s working hard just to entertain you guys by creating the game.


  • Added Character Skins and Outfit
  • Added Mobile Phone
  • Cheat Code
  • Minor Bug Fixed
  • Only 100 MB
  • Support for All Devices
  • One Click Download

How To Install Gangster Los Santos APK:

  1. Download the APK file from the link given below
  2. If there are three files available to download choose the first and second one because of the third one GLS V E3 (Map Under Development)
  3. After Downloaded Install the APK
  4. That’s it… Enjoy the Game

Cheat Code for Gangster Los Santos V E3:

Method 1:

To Open Cheat Code Box Touch and Hold the Minimap and Touch with another 2 fingers on the Screen.

Type the Cheat code in the Box:

  • Invincibility – painkiller
  • Max Health – turtle
  • Super Jump – hoptoit
  • Fast Run – catchme
  • Ragdoll – ragdoll
  • Parachute – skydive
  • SkyFall/ SkyDive -skyfall

Method 2: Very Easy

Enter the Cheat code in Phone Dialer. Go to Contacts and Dial Page.

  • Invincibility – 1998-7246545537
  • Max Health – 1999-887853
  • Super Jump – 1999-4678648
  • Fast Run – 1999-2288463
  • Ragdoll – 1999-7243655
  • Parachute – 1999-7593483
  • Sky Dive/ Sky Fall – 1999-7593255

Download GTA 5 APK – GLS V Android by R-User Games

  • Required 4.0 or up
  • Version – 1.1
  • Mode – offline

Download GLS V APK v1.1 Android by R-User Games

99.68 MB File Size 333 Downloads Click here to Download

Download Gangster Los Santos APK v1.2 Android

273.88 MB File Size 185 Downloads Click here to Download

Download GLS V E3 APK – GTA 5 Android

85.27 MB File Size 263 Downloads Click here to Download

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