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God Of War Android

God of war is one of the popular Android games. Click on link below to download GodofWar Chains of Olympus version of android and God of War Ghost Of Sparta on your Android phone or tablet.

Download android version of God of War Ghost Of Sparta

Because this Ghost Of Sparta game is a PSP game, you have to download the APK version of Gof in order to run it on your Android device.  Take Kratos through many battles against mythical creatures and even the powerful and overcome all fatal and dangerous episodes gods. 

God Of War On Android Features

god of war on android

Going in-depth about the features, the God Of War Android has now emphasized reward and collectibles for exploration. You can travel and explore every corner of the new setting and face new challenges and puzzles. All these moves are rewarded with tools or chests. As you explore the environment, you will find that even little paths have significant consequences. You will find puzzles and enemies to tackle so that you win more rewards, or choose to fight for the residents of the new land. While doing so, you should keep a check of Atreus’ reminders to explore unexplored areas where you can get earn resources or learn new bits of Norse myth.

Moreover, in this new game, you can not only customize Kratos’ abilities. You can also have control over his armour, enchantments, and weapon so that you can modify according to your style of playing. One of the main features of God f War 4 is the change in Kratos’ weapon. He now uses an axe that is called the Leviathan axe which can be thrown and summoned like that of Thor’s hammer. This new feature changes the chain combat and players will have to see how this can nuance the combat.

Imagine experiencing all these super cool features on your android or ios devices, doesn’t it sound insane? Hell yeah, it does. Even though mobile device’s screen display might be a little small, you still get to experience all these stunning features in this new god of war 4 game.

God Of War Android

How to install God Of War apk file on your phone or tablet:

1. Download the apk file God of war for Android from the link above. 
2. Copy the .apk file to your Android’s memory card. 
3. Download App Installer on your phone and install it on your device. 
5. After installing the app installer will show you APK file on your memory card
6. Click install and GOF on your Android device.


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