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Download Call of Duty: Mobile v1.0.3 APK + OBB Android

Call Of Duty APK Download Call of Duty: Mobile APK Android. It has comes to Android with amazing Graphics quality and superb gameplay. It published by Activision Publishing, Inc. and made by Tencent from Timi Studio. Customize your control layout with own choice and by using your skill rank on top to competive other players.
Play iconic Call of Duty: Mobile Modes on Android. Use your skill to improve your gameplay and rank on top to defeat other players and Create your own clan built and grow your clan with your friends and win an in-game prize with your friends. Unlock different characters in the game with special abilities.
When you play Call of Duty you also earn some cool stuff like gun skins, outfits, and unlock various players. Over the month they will also add some unique game modes. They also plan to add Battle Royale mode to this game which makes players to enjoy the game. Soon they will also add it to TGB Emulator on Tencent Official Emulator called Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Download PUBG Mobile v0.13.0 APK Android

PUBG Mobile APK Android PUBG Mobile APK – PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds for Android. It is a very popular game for Pc and Xbox. But earlier it’s not available on the Android platform and many Android gamers who don’t have Xbox or Pc. They also want to play this game on android. Now, it’s available for our android device. Which experience you get playing on your Android device that you never expect to get from Pc and Xbox consoles.
PUBGM APK Android There are two PUBG games are available for Android. both are different one developed by LightSpeed & Quantum and the second one is by TIMI Studio. these are too different from its graphics quality but I recommended you to go with LightSpeed version it comes with the English language and latest updates and the second Timi Studio version available in the Chinese-language.
As you can see in this video it’s LightSpeed & Quantum version Graphics Quality and the Timi Studio are too different from this Graphic Quality. But choices are you’re whic..

Download PAYDAY: Crime War APK Android/iOS

PAYDAY Crime War PAYDAY comes to mobile before its available for pc users and etc. This gives you the option to choose either between the heisters or cops. Faceoff your enemy with styles in this multiplayer fps battle. Challenge your enemies in a distinguished location from the World Bank to the Golden Grin casino or Jewelry Store.
PAYDAY Crime War APK It is an amazing multiplayer fps shooting game same as cod and etc. before starting the game, it gives you the choose the option you want to be a robber or cops in the game. In robber, you try to break and escape the cops into the safe place or in cops, you have to do anything to catch them from escape.
Unlock the new content with the bulk of masks, different characters option to choose in heister or cops, new suits, weapon, accessories, lots of new safe and many more…
PvP 4v4Play as a HeisterPlay as a Law EnforcerOriginal Maps from Payday 2Iconic weaponsUpgradeable equipmentsHuge variety of weapon skinsSpecial abilities It..

Download GTA 5 APK – GLS V Android

GTA 5 APK Hey Guys, again back with another new game just like Grand Theft Auto V. But it’s not officially made. Its come with same awesome graphics and map where the game started with Trevor. It currently is under development and the developer says that he will continue this project and the developer is R-User Games. You can check out his YouTube channel to show some support.
The developer has already made the GLS IV which similar to Grand Theft Auto IV. You can check out the game on our website but the GLS IV project has been stopped. He officially announced he will not more continue the project.
You can get the GLS V Beta version. It is freely available to download and it has newly added phone which you can customize the phone color through the phone setting and also there’s a new cheat code feature was added.
You can support the developer to continue this project by promoting this or just by donating him. He’s working hard just to entertain you guys by creating the game.

Download Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK Android

Breaking Bad APK Download Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK on Android. Begin your career under the wings of the legendary duo, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, and help them transform their fledgling operation from stolen chemistry stuff in a broken-down RV to a global substation with far-reaching significance. Learn what it takes to climb to the top to improve the lab, perfect your product, protect your base, build your army, and expand your territory.
Breaking Bad Criminal Elements APK Breaking Bad is one of the successful series which cast on television shows with millions of viewers watched this series and the game is based on the series where you can build or manage buildings on your Chempound, defeat the other characters with your units, and take contracts to sell the items which you made on your labs.
The sells contracts give you some rewards and cash which you can use only not for the upgrade but also it can be used to recruit the specialists and attacking someone. Establis..

Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK v2.0.4 Android

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK is an action fighting game made by Nekki. it’s the mix of RPG and Classical fighting style more like Chinese Martial Arts. This Mod has every purchase items for free. it also included Unlimited Gems and Infinite Energy. Now you can upgrade your weapons, armor, and other items to the max.
Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK Shadow Fight was the awesome game in Fighting category whenever we think about any Chinese classic fight game the Shadow Fight series comes to mind. it features dozens of fight style animation like Martial Arts techniques! After playing more and more it hard to defeat your enemies and its very difficult when your weapon is not enough upgraded. but in this Mod, you can upgrade your weapons in just a few minutes up to max.
Feature of this Mod:
Unlimited GemsUnlimited CoinsInfinite EnergyUnlock any weapon for FreeGrab the special deals for Free How to Download and Install this Mod?
Well, it’s a very easy thing that you can do without asking anyone.
You j..

Download Grena Free Fire APK + MOD Android

Grena Free Fire Mod APK Hey Guys, Today I’m posting here for you all about Free Fire. It is an ultimate survival shooting game for android. The Battleground game which is supported on low-end devices. You can say it’s the lite version of PUBG Mobile APK. In this game, you only have ten minutes to win the game against 50 players. the last one reaming player win the match
As every battle royale games, you have to jump in an island from the plane then find the weapons, accessories, attachments, and medics and survive until the end. you can’t stay at a place because every time the zone was shrinking and if you are outside the zone then you have to lose your health and without health, you will die. you have only 10 minutes and every minute the map was shrinking and you’ll have to survival until the last reaming one was win.
New area in Bermuda – BullseyeAdded Hot Zone- An area that spawns high tier suppliesNew Weapon: CG15 – A weapon that can charge up and deal more damageNew I..

Download Clash Of Clans Mod APK v11.446 Android

Clash Of Clans Mod APK Clash Of Clans Mod APK usually know in the short name as Coc. The very addictive game of the World with over 100 millions of Download of this game on the Google Play store which made by Supercell. The No. 1 Free Strategy Game all over the world. It’s the Epic Combat Strategy game where you can build your own village, train your own troop’s means Army, and go for an epic battle with your opponent.

Coc Mod APK Android Download Clash Of Clans Mod APK for Android and Get Everything Unlimited Like Coins, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gems also you’ll get unlimited everything on small builder base. Upgrade your Village, Troops, Spell, King, Queen, and Grand Warden up to Max level. Join the Clans or Create your own Clans to do friendly battle with your friends.
CoCServer S4 is one of the best servers which provide you the best mod of Clash of Clans. It has Unlimited Resource, and All Kings of your Troops also included Boom Beach Mod it has really everything of Boom Beach…

Clash Royale Mod APK v2.7.4 [Unlimited Coins/Gems] Android

Hey, Presenting the new amazing mod for Clash Royale. In this Mod you’ll get Everything Unlimited Coins and Gems. The Real Clash Royale Mod APK where you can spend infinite coins and gems on upgrading and other stuff. It doesn’t let you end of gems you can purchase more and more gems for free through the in-app game purchase option.
Clash Royale Mod APK Clash Royale is a real-time online multiplayer game where you can fight with your opponent and do friendly battle challenges in clans. This game featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses. When your trophies increased you enter to a new arena. Higher arena makes you more powerful and stronger with Legendry chest.
This Mod is another variant clone app of Clash Royale. it doesn’t affect your real id or game. It just an alternative application which doesn’t relate to your account or supercell id.
These Mod Server are offline sometimes. So, if you are getting the message like Connection Lost means the server is busy or unde..