Get Free Dota Plus Subscription

Get Free Dota Plus Subscription

Get DotA Plus for free! Subscribe to Dota Plus here in
Experience the gaming on the Dota Plus with the different features which is not available on the normal DotA game. Enhance the daily Dota Experience with the Dota Plus now Dota Plus the Subscribe done by the individual gamers to get the different unlockable as well as the unique features.
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What are the Features for DotA Plus?


Now in this Dota Plus, player can now level their hero level progress by playing games. By the help of the XP leveling system now the player can earn the different badges and increase their hero level by playing the games and completing the given quests on time, also player can show their hero level on the game by increasing the game. Each level grants Reward Shards, and each tier grants new Hero Chat Wheel responses. Just play a single game with a hero to unlock the first of your progression rewards.


Every hero now has a pool of tailored challenge including those that focus on a hero’s specific mechanic that allow you to sharpen and prove your skills and playstyle. Every Challenges has the three different difficulties which is easy medium and hard, so the challenges can be different in different level of difficulties.


There are different slots for the different hero relics and they are 14 Relic 10 Common and 4 Rare. Once unlocked, Relics update and display your statistical milestones as you play, with a breakdown of progress in each match available on the post-game screen.


Take control of your hero’s voice with the new Hero Chat Wheel, which lets you choose phrases your hero can say in allied or all chat. Each hero’s initial phrases unlock after your first game as that hero, with more phrases available as you increase your hero badge tier.



  • Hero Leveling
  • Stat-Tracking Hero Relics
  • Hero Chatwheel Lines
  • Hero-Specific Challenges
  • Weekly Victory Reward Shards
  • Ranked Roles Matchmaking
  • Plus Rewards Store, Featuring:
  • Exclusive Plus Hero Sets
  • Select Legacy Hero Sets
  • Hero Relics
  • Purchase Tools
  • Chat Wheel Sounds


  • Free Entry to Weekly Battle Cups
  • Access to Current Seasonal Terrain
  • In-Game Tipping


  • Item Suggestions (Data Driven)
  • Real Time Comparative Analytics
  • Lane Setup Suggestions
  • Ability Suggestions (Data Driven)
  • Detailed Death Summary
  • Dynamic Hero Pick Suggestions
  • Post-Game Analytics
  • Hero-Specific Global Rank Trends
  • Spectator Win Probability Graph
  • Prediction Charm
  • Live Spectating

How to Get Dota Plus Free?

Firstly, search the website, search for the Dota Plus Subscription Free. Hit the Button given there, now complete the 3 Steps Verification Process given on the page by following the three different steps. Now add your account details and enjoy free Dota Plus Subscription!

So what are you waiting for? Get your own Dota Plus account now for free.

Get Free Dota Plus Subscription Get Free Dota Plus Subscription

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